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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Brittany Petros

Brittany Petros from Robbinsdale, Minnesota, most known for her spunk and wildly varying hair color. Currently, Brittany is an actress and has done casting work for several reality shows. She was the fourth person to be sent home.

Cassandra Waldon

Cassandra Waldon is a communications director at the United Nations from Havre de Grace, Maryland. In 2001, Cassandra made trips to Africa to promote African Untity.[2] She was the fifth person to be sent home.

Curtis Kin

Curtis Kin is a lawyer from New York City. Curtis was the second runner-up of Big Brother 1.

Eddie McGee

Eddie McGee was the winner of Big Brother 1 and $500,000. Eddie was from Commack, New York and became an amputee when he lost his leg to cancer prior to going on the show. Recently, Eddie has appeared in music videos for the band Fozzy.

George Boswell

George Boswell, nicknamed "Chicken George", was a roofer from Rockford, Illinois. After his time on the show, George quit the roofing business and began doing promotion jobs for the Tropicana Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. At one point in the show, he tried to encourage his fellow housemates to walk-out in protest the show's rules.[3] In 2006, George moved into the Big Brother: All Stars house, but was evicted in the eighth week.

Jamie Kern

Jamie Kern (born July 16, 1977) is a beauty queen from SeattleWashington. Kern graduated from Washington State University, and became Miss Washington USA in late 1999. She was marked for banishment in week 12, and was banished on Day 85. After Big Brother, Jamie appeared in an episode of Baywatch and has since become a reporter for a local television station. Kern graduated with an MBA from Columbia Business School in 2004, worked as an anchor for KNDU until 2006 and then moved Portland, Oregon where she works for local Fox affiliate KPTV. She also hosted theMiss Washington USA 2006 pageant.


Jean Jordan, who went by her last name, Jordan, was an exotic dancer from Roanoke, Virginia. She was banished for making waves with the other contestants. Notably, Jordan was the only Big Brother contestant to receive major media coverage upon leaving the house. Unlike the Survivor contestants, Jordan was the only houseguest to appear on The Late Show with David Letterman and later went on to mock Big Brother in the media, noting what a bad show it was, and saying that she should have held out for Survivor: The Australian Outback. In one of the series' most memorable moments, Jordan went so far as to ridicule the theme song on the final episode, telling host Julie Chen "... You know, I'm just living like I'm living today, I'm feeling the thrill of life, and I'm not afraid, Julie."'

Josh Souza

Josh Souza was the runner-up of Big Brother 1. Souza appeared on an episode of the show Blind Date and co-produced the film The Scorned, written and co-produced by fellow reality starRob Cesternino (Survivor: The AmazonSurvivor: All Stars) with an all-reality-star cast.

Karen Fowler

Karen Fowler, divorcee, was a contestant on Big Brother 1. She was most remembered for asking to divorce her husband on national television. She had also asked the television audience to vote for her to leave the Big Brother house since she missed her kids. Karen was marked for banishment in Week 6, and was banished on Day 43. Brittany revealed that Karen had moved to Los Angeles and settled there with her family.

William (Will-Mega) Collins

William Collins is a politician from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania who stood unsuccessfully for Philadelphia City Council.[4] William was the 1st person banished in the history of Big Brother USA. He was known for being banished after he called out fellow houseguest Brittany Petros on her supposedlyracist ways. In the season finale, he was also critical of the show saying that without him, Big Brother was "Big Boring".